Valentines Craft & Activities for Kids

It's Valentines Day on Friday! Traditionally a time for secret cards to a loved one, it is increasingly starting to involve all family members - a time to tell those closest why you love them. Last week, we wrote about some Valentines Day Ideas for kids to get them involved in the the day, that won't cost much, but will help you to say why and how much you love them (post: 'Valentines Day Ideas For Kids'). This week, we thought we would come up with some Valentines Activities For Kids as well as gift ideas for your little ones.

Its February at the weekend and Valentines Day is approaching. Kids love big events and its fun to get them involved and excited. Apart from making cards for the family or for friends, it can be hard to come up with ideas that focus on the kids on Valentines Day. Its nice to recognise how much you love them and here are some ways we have thought of to get them involved. Here are some Valentines Day ideas for kids.