Animal Wall Stickers

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Animal Wall Stickers

Our animal wall stickers detailing animals driving or flying brightly colours vehicles are reminiscent of a Richard Scarry drawing! These bright, fun filled animal wall stickers for kids, feature a bear on a bicycle, a giraffe driving a car, a penguin surfing, a moose flying a plane and more.

These fun animal wall stickers create a bright and friendly scene for your child's wall, which will spark their imagination with tales of animal capers. Our animal wall stickers create night and day time friends, having a ball and watching over your little one. The bright colours in our animal wall stickers are a great addition to any bedroom, play room or nursery and each character can be put up in any order on the wall. Every animal in this animal wall stickers scene is a separate sticker, so you can arrange them as shown, or have them chasing each other round the room, flying on the ceiling, or up the side of a cupboard!

Repositionable Wall Stickers

Just like the rest of our children's wall sticker range, these animal wall stickers will adhere to any flat surface. This includes walls, windows (condensation free) and glass. Before you put your animal wall stickers up, we recommend that you let paint dry for 4 weeks. What's great about these animal wall stickers is that because they are thick vinyl, with high quality adhesive, application is really simple and its easy to avoid creases or bubbles. These animal wall stickers can also be moved or removed with any residue or damage to your walls - they will re-stick if you move them, so you can make sure that you get the position of each of the animal wall stickers just right. This makes our animal wall stickers a fantastically easy decor idea for kids, that can change as they do.

These animal wall stickers are appealing to younger children of both genders and will allow you to personalise your child's space, bringing instant colour and character to the room. They compliment our gingham bedding and bedroom accessories, to create a room full of style and fun.

Children's Decor

Mix and match our animal wall stickers with our canvas toy storage, to create bedroom, nursery or play room decor that is practical, stylish and easy to implement. As with all of our wall stickers, our animal wall stickers will be delivered to you in 2 - 3 working days. These animal wall stickers will arrive on two sheets of stickers, each sheet measures 60cm x 40cm. The animal wall stickers scene will measure 100cm x 60cm when assembled as shown.