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Staring from the first months of their lives, your baby will watch you intently while you hold a soft toy up to your face and play 'Peekaboo'. We have all enjoyed this game and fondly remember the word. Baby's blanket and colourful soft toys will provide them with sensory learning, curiosity and discovery stimulation. When your baby is lying on a play mat surrounded by different shapes, kinds and sizes of soft toys, he or she will be discovering how different objects look and feel.

The annual dilemma on the best Teacher gift ideas at the end of the School year can be quite a challenge! It's hard to pinpoint the perfect gift for the person who has taken care of your precious child, developed them and made them blossom for the past year. Teachers do so much for our children and are important part of their lives, so its great to find the perfect present - so that your child can enjoy the experience of giving it to them.

The summer holidays can be great fun - but it can also be tricky to keep the kids busy without spending a fortune! We've come up with some easy to do Summer activities for kids that will create lovely Summer memories, without breaking the bank.

With the Summer fast approaching and the weather feeling like it's already here (!), we thought we would come up with some fun Summer activities for kids if you are lucky enough to be at home with them this summer. It's lovely to have days out, but these can prove to be expensive and there are lots of activities that you can do at home, for a fraction of the cost.

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