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This section features ideas and suggestions for children’s gifts, including our favourites!

Thank you FLATOUT Bears. What a great couple of months we have had! Winners of the Bronze award for our toy storage and now the Silver award from the Parent / Carer product review site for our fluffy FLATOUT Bears! Given that the testers gave the bears such a huge thumbs up,  we thought it fitting that we write a bit about them on our blog.

In 6 days children will be able to open door number 1 of the Advent Calendar. This is creating much excitement in our house and doubtless in many houses across the Country. The Christmas lights are up in the centre of our Village and they get switched on Friday night. With the icy cold weather finally arriving this morning, things are lining up to make us feel a lot like Christmas....!

If the Teachers at your school are anything like mine, you will be able to tell how rewarding they find their career, thanks to their investment in your child(ren). The impact a good Teacher has on your child's development and learning is huge and this is such an important foundation. Finding good Christmas present ideas for Teachers can be tricky, but a gift at the end of the school year shows appreciation and recognition of this important role.

Nobody ever said picking out gifts was easy and it can be tricky for children of all ages. In this article, we will look at present ideas for boys aged 1 to 6. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for a new-born or a toddler, we hope we have advice that will help you to be first in line to receive that coveted (and figurative) ‘favourite friend or relative’ award in no time at all! So without further ado, let’s look at our present ideas for boys aged 1 to 6.