5 Celebrity Kids Bedrooms & Nurseries for Inspiration

5 Celebrity Kids Bedrooms & Nurseries for Inspiration

Who doesn't love a peek behind a celebrity’s doors? When it comes to their children's bedrooms (as with everything else the Daily Mail may have you believe) they seem to know no bounds of taste, scale or ridiculous toy ownership.

The modern celebrity culture is one of oneupmanship so the need to prove that bigger is better, more is never enough and that excess in excess is not a bad thing, our assortment of five of the most eye-popping kids rooms to mull over with your friends. 

1) Eddie Murphy's Sleepover & Play Room

Eddie Murphy has nine children to five different mothers, so something grand was definitely in order, and this room at his 'Bubble Hill' party palace you'll agree fits the bill.

2) Beyonce & Jay-Z's Daughter Blue Ivy

We're told Kelly Rowland described Blue Ivy as the 'the kid who would have everything' and that seems to ring true for her bedroom as well. 

The minimalist cot (crib in American) alone was around $4500 - that's an eye watering £3475 at the current exchange rate. Our range of oak furniture for kid's rooms is just as stylish at a more down-to-earth price.

3) Nick Carter & Son Odin's Steampunk Room

Nick Carter.. ring any bells? Cast your mind (Backstreet's) back to the 90s when heartthrob Nick Carter was a poster on every girl's bedroom. The classic music video for Backstreet's Back was a gothic / Thriller style affair - so it's not a huge jump to the steampunk stylings of son Odin's bedroom of today.

4) Mariah Carey's Twin Boy & Girl's Nursery

The diva of divas wouldn't let us down in the outrageous stakes normally, but we can't help but feel that the fact her twins are different sexes must have hemmed in the glitter somewhat here. Two girls would have been a completely different story, but the colour palette has been kept neutral instead of the sparkly pink you'd normally imagine. 8ft giraffe anyone?

5) Kate Middleton & Prince William's Children's Rooms

Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge may top the leaderboard, but we don't have any photos of the decorations or furniture in their rooms. Their ten-bedroom mansion in Norfolk Anmer hall has had £1.5 million of refurbishments to bring it up to a more modern, child-friendly standard. 

The video below is inspired by Kate Middleton's tastes, so may give an indication as to the kind of decor and furnishings you'd be likely to see.