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A key trend that is already a focus and we think will continue throughout the year is the focus on functional design – bedroom furniture and furnishings that not only look great, but are really practical too.  Parents and Carers are very often busy people (!) and so practicality twinned with style is a real bonus. Along with practical style, we will also see plenty of multi-functional design for both children's toys and bedroom furniture.  In particular, both Consumer and Designer will focus on products that can grow with your child - like the classic cot bed, or a high chair that converts into chair - or a cot that can become a desk. Consumers are keen to be able to buy items that last and with a focus on the environment, this kids bedroom trend is to invest in quality kids furniture that is built to last.

Kids Bedroom Company staff are welcoming 2016 with open arms! We had a fun year last year, enjoying lots of return business for our best selling products, as well as welcoming in some new ones.

We increased our childrens duvet range, with new double duvet covers and a wider choice of cot bed bedding - and we added to our fun range of personalised name prints and childrens bedroom accessories.

Nursery storage solutions are a must have in any Nursery. How can such a teeny person occupy so much room?

In anticipation of their arrival, we lovingly decorate the Nursery with all the equipment recommended in baby books and sites - to find that they don't even need it for the first few months! In fact our little bundle of joy often ends up outside of the Nursery - and instead of enjoying these beautiful new Nursery surroundings, joins you in your bedroom, taking away your sleep and your side of the bed.

Finding functionally yet stylish kids bedroom storage solutions can be a challenge.  The older a child gets the more time they want to spend in their room and that one room becomes more than just a space to sleep in, but to play, have friends over and do homework.  Here at The Kids Bedroom Company, we have put together a selection of great kids bedroom ideas that can help keep your child’s room tidy, organised and looking great!

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