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Are you done with adulting this week? Delve right back into the carefree childhood years with these themed children's bedroom ideas that'll be sure to fire up your imagination and provide inspiration for your next project.

What distinguishes an interior designer from an interior decorator? We'd not really thought about this all that much until the time came to hire in some outside help, an we weren't quite sure who we should be searching for. In our mind, interior design and interior decorating are pretty much interchangeable, aren't they?

Who doesn't love a peek behind a celebrity’s doors? When it comes to their children's bedrooms (as with everything else the Daily Mail may have you believe) they seem to know no bounds of taste, scale or ridiculous toy ownership.

The modern celebrity culture is one of oneupmanship so the need to prove that bigger is better, more is never enough and that excess in excess is not a bad thing, our assortment of five of the most eye-popping kids rooms to mull over with your friends. 

Reviews of The Kids Bedroom Company are really important to us. We go out of our way to make sure that our Customers love their products and service and it's really rewarding when somebody notices. Here's a quick snapshot of our Customer reviews and feedback for the Kids Bedroom Company so far this month.

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