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Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids (3)

Get your little stars ready and excited for Christmas! Build christmas tree decorations, house decorations or even an outfit for the school Christmas play. Kids love glitter and sparkles, boys or girls!

Valentines Craft & Activities for Kids (2)

Want to get your children involved in valentines day? This section of our blog features ideas for valentines arts, craft, baking, games & activities for kids.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November! Bonfire Night is round the corner and the Fireworks displays are already starting! Obviously, getting down to a display is great fun, but if there isn't one locally, you can't stand the crowds, or your kids don't like the noisy Fireworks - here are some fun Bonfire Night Activities for kids, that will get them involved in the fun at home.

Want to avoid the morning sugar rush kids normally get with chocolate-filled advent calendars? We wanted to create a healthier and more personal version for our little one's this year and so we decided to create our own. You can buy advent calendars with a pouch for each day, to fill with a little toy or treat, but we decided to make something a bit bigger. What we came up with filled the wall of the kitchen, making it a Christmas decoration as well as a calendar for the children. 

Painting kids furniture can be a cost effective, fun and original way to deck out your child's bedroom. It allows you to source your furniture cheaply, whilst creating a stylish, designed output, which is genuinely unique to your child's room. You can personalise painted wooden furniture with children's names or their favourite characters - to design their bedroom in the way they would most like it to be, for a fraction of the cost. Painting furniture that has been recycled, from a second hand shop, from relatives or a swap site is easy to do and can make a real centre piece in the room. Ideal furniture to repaint includes chairs, dressers, chests of drawers and wardrobes. You can go for a simple repaint like this: