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Christmas Activities with Kids (2)

Ideas for family fun at Christmas with your little ones, including craft, baking, days out & more.

Easter Activities for Children (4)

There are a long two weeks around the Easter holidays, and you'll be needing plenty of kid's activity ideas for Easter.

Well it certainly is a beautiful summer so far. Just like 2013, the sun is shining, the clouds come and go, but the rain seems to have been delivered in a concentrated way at the beginning of the year....and it is keeping away now. Fantastic. We are out of the woods and into a glorious summer (we hope) - and now its time to plan some summer activities for kids.

Spring, a favourite season for many, is just around the corner - you can feel it in the air and see it in the changing shape of the trees. We have had weeks and weeks of relentless rain, was sunny, crisp and warm and spring was most definitely in the air! With everyone fed up with the rain, we thought we would look forward to five things that we love about Britain this time of year, that can be fun spring activities for kids.

Staring from the first months of their lives, your baby will watch you intently while you hold a soft toy up to your face and play 'Peekaboo'. We have all enjoyed this game and fondly remember the word. Baby's blanket and colourful soft toys will provide them with sensory learning, curiosity and discovery stimulation. When your baby is lying on a play mat surrounded by different shapes, kinds and sizes of soft toys, he or she will be discovering how different objects look and feel.

Spring is a great time of year to get children interested in nature and one way to do this is gardening with Kids. Gardening with kids is an educational and creative activity that teaches them to care and nurture for things. There is, of course, a slight risk that things could go wrong and plants don’t grow, which is disappointing for little ones - so how do we avoid this? It’s probably best to start with some hardy plants, seeds or bulbs, that are easy to transfer into your pot or flower bed and are more likely to thrive. Here are our recommendations.