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Where did you spend most of your time as a child? On a pirate ship or on safari? How about a castle or inside a volcano? Was your room your very own Narnia? Children have some pretty vivid imaginations and whilst they might not always need that much help in creating their own fantasy lands, inspiring their imagination with our range of boys & girls bedroom ideas to decorate and design their living space, is a brilliant way of fuelling their creativity.

The best part about an inspirational kid's room is that it needn't be hugely detailed - children have an uncanny ability to fill in the blanks and wash over anomalies. The simple touch of themed children's bedding, fabric wall letters or some wall stickers here and there, can entirely transform the look of a room or nursery - transporting your little one into an immersive world of make believe.

Kids Bedroom Ideas

We have all of the kids bedroom ideas that you need to turn a blank room into a den of dreams for your children. A child's room or Nursery that will facilitate play, sleep and development with stimulating decor. Our boys and girls bedroom ideas, kids bedroom wall stickers, comfortable childrens bedding and range of toy storage will inspire you to design a bedroom that is practical as well as stylish. Use our boys bedroom ideas and girls bedroom ideas to create an inspiring environment for them to play. Where would you like them to have fond memories of spending their time as a child, in their 'ideas room' or the Living Room or Kitchen?

Girls Bedroom Ideas

Little girls often develop a quick sense of their surroundings so it is important to immerse them in a world that stimulates their imagination. Girls are just as likely to be found jetting off to space or exploring an undersea ruin as they are to be hosting a tea party or waiting for their Prince Charming. Whether your little girl is a wannabe princess or a tom-boy, her surroundings will be an important part of how she develops creatively. A theme inspired by our girls bedroom ideas will really encourage her imagination.

The Kids Bedroom Company helps you in creating a girls room that immerses your child into a creative, inspiring land of make believe which will not only fill them and you with joy - it will teach them how to be creative (and hopefully how to look after nice things!). If your little girl likes to be different from the norm, take a look at our star rugs, our spots repositionable bedroom wall stickers, or our fun ladybirds or watermelon 'wallpaper style' that create a chic and modern feel.

If your little girls more classically love pink and purple, or she is a real bookworm, have a peek at our 'Little Red Riding Hood' girls repositionable bedroom wall art stickers, our Owly or Bird House repositionable wall stickers with matching toy storage, our gingham bedding, or our pink and purple stars that bring colour and style to the room.

Shop the full range of girls bedroom ideas within our kids bedroom ideas category.

Boys Bedroom Ideas

Is your little boy ready for the adventure of his life time? Don't worry - he'll only be in his room pretending to fend off monsters, traveling into space, being a Superhero and chasing rainbows. Our boys bedding, gingham bedding and boys bedroom ideas will stimulate this fun.

I think we'd all be pretty surprised to know what is going through little boys heads - their imagination is their playground. As a child your imagination extends beyond the limits of your own body and into your room - and that is magical. We provide a selection of boys bedroom ideas including bedding in single, double or cot bed size, gingham bedding, and boys quilts that can help you totally recreate your little boys room, facilitating the imaginary play that helps childrens development.

Children often have similar interests, although it has become the social norm that boys are gifted with blue whilst girls are greeted with pink, many boys bedrooms are now based on unisex colours, or they swap these traditional design ideas with something more funky. So some of our ideas and furniture are interchangeable. Neutral colours are great for shared rooms or nurseries, or to shake up the traditional norms.

Ultimately any room that contains interesting colours, shapes and an overruling theme will make the most of their imagination to play in. Shop our full range of boys bedroom ideas in our kids bedroom ideas category.

Nursery Decor Ideas

When choosing decor for your nursery interior for the first time, we would recommend having neutral walls that you can dress with different soft furnishings and accessories. Who knows if another baby may join them in the future and whether the next one will be a boy or a girl? Why not put up some of our repositionable bedroom wall art stickers as they can be moved as your child grows up and new furniture is needed or existing furniture is changed.

Strong colours will help babies to develop their recognition of shapes, colour and light. Childrens bedding made from natural fibres is a good option for your nursery interior, because this is kind to baby's skin and is also breathable, your baby is less likely to overheat at night.

Toddlers Bedroom Ideas

Once your baby has grown into a toddler, storage will become even more important. Toddlers are likely to start amassing a volume of toys and crafts their room can become cluttered without some useful storage solutions. Our range includes canvas toy storage, childrens toy storage boxes in different fabrics and toy storage bags. A toy storage hamper or box that is made from soft fabric can be flattened when not in use and can be placed on the floor, so that Parents can easily throw toys in at the end of the day, or slotted onto a shelf, in a cupboard or into a drawer unit. This can create a stylish effect that is practical too. We particularly love our personalised name prints, wooden name trains and large fabric letters that help toddlers with the recognition of the letters that make their name.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

New to our range is our beautiful kids furniture, made from solid oak with a hard wearing satin lacquer that is expertly designed and crafted from sustainable wood. Our kids bedroom ideas have this stunning furniture as a foundation, creating a stylish bedroom that is built to last. Including a cot bed that turns into a sleigh or day bed when children grow. A wonderful, high quality range of furniture for kids that will work in boys or girls bedrooms and compliment our kids bedroom furnishings perfectly.

Mix and match our high quality wooden furniture for boys and girls bedrooms with our beautifully embroidered bedding, quilts and cushions to create a sumptuous child's bedroom that will keep them snug and warm. Enjoy our stylishly designed furniture and bedding for kids as a statement in a nursery or child's bedroom, creating the 'wow factor' as you walk into the room. Browse this beautiful range of furniture for kids in our Kids Furniture category.

Childrens Bedding

Our childrens bedding ranges are made from natural materials that are kind to baby, toddler or child's skin. We carefully select bedding made from 100% high quality cotton, or organic cotton so that children can sleep in beds that are more breathable for skin, keeping them naturally cooler at night.

When we select our childrens bedding ranges we have parents in mind too and each of our bedding products, including our popular gingham bedding range, are machine washable on easy care. They shake out and hang dry really well, which is a great help for kids rooms as they minimise the need for ironing. Each set has a matching quilt and scatter cushions available to coordinate the look, as well as coordinating fitted cotton sheets. Our quilts have an option to buy a quilted pillowcase, for a matching bedding set for colder months, or to top an older duvet cover.

Last year, we introduced cot bed & junior bed sized sets to our childrens bedding range and we also added a boys double sized duvet cover and a boys double quilt, to respond to the growing trend in this area . Our gingham bedding range is a real winner too - one of our most versatile kids bedroom ideas because the range includes colours for boys and girls - as well as neutral colours. The bottom sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers can be mixed and matched in kids rooms, creating different effects.

Kids Bedroom Wall Art

Children's wall art has surged in popularity in recent years and is one of our top selling kids bedroom ideas. Partly because it's so easy to apply, and partly because of the broad range of stunning designs available. Bedroom wall stickers are also an economical way of decorating a child's room that isn't permanent. Much of our wall art range for kids rooms can be mixed and matched in the room and often has matching toy storage or bedroom accessories.

They are made from thicker vinyl, so its actually very hard to crease them or capture bubbles when you apply them to the wall. What's more, you can peel them off without leaving a residue or a mark and re-stick them no problem. The high quality adhesive means that you can move and reposition time and time again. We stock 'wallpaper style' boys and girls bedroom wall art stickers, which are great for those who prefer a more balanced look to the room.

Children love having their name on the wall and these fun personalised name pictures can fit well with your chosen bedroom theme. We are also really proud of our fabulous large fabric Letters, another one of our most popular kids bedroom ideas, which come in a choice of fabric and at 23cm high and have real impact.

Rugs For Kids Rooms

Our rugs for kids rooms are popular kids bedroom ideas as they are made from 100% wool and are hand tufted, so that their price is realistic, whilst their quality is high. Every one of our rugs has a hard wearing backing, to make them durable. We love the fresh, modern designs that bring a stylish feelto a playroom or nursery decor.

Toy Storage

Effective and useful storage becomes an absolute necessity when you have children and is one of our most highly recommended kids bedroom ideas. From storing nappies, baby grows and wipes when your baby first arrives, to keeping on top of toys and books as children grow, storage for kids rooms that is easy to use and looks good is a real bonus.

We have a range of versatile and easy to use storage hampers, boxes and bags. Our canvas toy storage hampers won the Bizzie Baby award, judged by Parents and children, at the end of 2014 and we think that the bold, stylish designs in the range with matching kids bedroom wall art stickers. Our fabric storage boxes match our fabric letters and are reinforced for strength and will enable you to turn existing furniture or cupboard space into a chic toy storage solution. All of our toy storage for kids rooms is easy for parents to quickly clear clutter into - and is also easy for little hands and fingers to use.

Fabric Letters

Fabric letters are a fantastic way to create a stunning wall art installation for your child's bedroom. Our fabric letters are an impressive 23cm tall, which means that they really stand out. We have had a lot of positive feedback which you can read on the product pages.

Create their name with the same fabric, or mix and match fabric in different materials. We have examples of different styles of fabric letter names in our product information. What we love about our fabric letters for kids rooms, is that the same fabrics are used for our toy boxes and gingham bedding, so that you can literally pull together fabrics across the room to create a theme.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

From the moment that little baby boy or girl enters your life, they bring with them a huge volume of equipment, change tables, bedding, nappies, clothing, toys and more! Whilst your baby boy or girl may be small, the equipment that you need to care for them is huge. Storage solutions are important if you want to be able to access the things that you need easily and to keep things in order, as well as keeping items like nappy cream away from little fingers, who may squeeze it in the wrong places! When you decide on your Nursery interior, researching bedroom storage ideas is as important

We have carefully selected strong canvas toy storage hampers with stylish designs of animals, spaceships, mushrooms and more, to compliment your kids room or nursery design or theme. These super strong toy storage hampers and boxes won the Bizzie Baby award in 2014 and are a great storage idea for babies and children. Stylish and strong, they can be placed on the floor or in a cupboard, and quickly filled with toys or books.

Alongside these chic storage bins are our fabric toy storage boxes, available in a wide choice of fabrics for older children as well as younger ones. These storage boxes are a great idea for slotting into a shelving unit or book shelf and are reinforced for extra strength. They can be mixed and matched with our bedding. A great storage solution that can be moved from room to room or flattened when not in use.

Kids Lighting

Lighting in kids rooms can be an important part of their comfort. Children can be afraid of the dark and so a night light string with colourful characters can affect how positive they feel about going to bed. Our range of lighting for children includes LED lighting strings that are battery or mains powered.

We also have a popular range of stick on butterfly night lights, that are a great option as they stick with a suction cup to any flat surface and softly change colour to soothe your baby or child. A practical solution in a room where there are few plug points, or where you would like to keep the nightlight out of reach. We also offer some beautiful styles for a gender neutral nursery or playroom. Our night lights are great kids bedroom ideas to help fit a theme for kids rooms, such as animals or hearts, becoming a lit wall art solution

Toys for kids bedrooms

Toys can be lovely kids bedroom ideas as a finishing touch to a child's Nursery - or a fun present for their Birthday - and because children often spend a great deal of their time in their room playing with them, we have hand picked a selection of high quality toys for kids rooms - great finishing touches to your boys or girls bedroom. We believe our range of toys for kids rooms will be the special ones, that your child will remember with fondness when they grow up - which is why we have added them to our choice of toys to complete the decor in your kids rooms.

Kids Bedroom Company Blog

The Kids Bedroom Company Blog is where our editorial staff write about 'all things children', from summarising and commenting on the latest reasearch into 'Happiness In Very Young Children' by the Oxford and Open Universities, to how to recycle wooden furniture and paint it for your children's bedroom. We also cover travel tips for flying with young kids, or the best re-useable nappies, arts and craft activities and activities for school holidays that won't break the bank.

We also have guides for buying types of products like rugs for kids rooms and tips on how to hang our wall art e.g. hanging our fabric letters in 15 minutes. We work closely with Parent Bloggers to review our products and to write honest assessments of them - and we host competitions on our too.

You can follow our Blog through Bloglovin and if you would like to write a Guest Post, link to our content or have us link to yours, you can contact us at hello@kidsbedroomideas.london. We also have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and you can follow us on these platforms through the links at the top or bottom of this page. You can join our mailing list below, to be notified first of new kids bedroom ideas, offers, competitions and new ranges too.

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